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Whether you’re at risk for macular degeneration or you’ve already been diagnosed with the condition, you want to do everything possible to improve your ocular health. Vision Essence offers eye vitamins for macular degeneration to help anyone with the condition rebuild and maximize macular pigment.
Choosing the correct eye vitamin can slow progression of macular degeneration. A formula with zinc may help, or it can hurt- the answer is in your DNA. Without knowing first, approximately 1 in 6 consuming the common zinc-containing fomulas will experience accelerated disease progression, leading to advanced disease and potential blindness faster. An eye care professional can perform a simple genetic test by cheek swab to ensure you take a safe and beneficial formula. If you've declined or not taken the test, Vision Essence Zinc Free has been advised by leading retina specialists in Canada. Also, if your test results indicate your formula should have no zinc, Vision Essence Zinc Free is the best choice in eye vitamins for you.