BioDrop MD Spray

Manufacturer: ProMed Eye Health
Reward Points: 58
SKU: 1115

BIODROP MD® SPRAY is an excellent alternative for those who have trouble inserting eye drops. A preservative-free micro-emulsion spray for dry eyes and eye lids. Replenishes the outer oily layer of the tear film to prevent evaporation and symptoms of burning.

Unique Composition: Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and Hyaluronan

The micro-emulsion strengthens the structure of the tear film. With every blink, a small amount of spray spreads on the ocular surface and reinforces the tear lipid layer thus preventing excess evaporation of water. 

Does not conflict with make-up.
Also recommended for contact lens wearers.
Free from irritating ingredients, preservatives and materials of animal origin.
From Europe, one of the most advanced treatments for dry eye syndrome.